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Wednesday, September 07, 2011 - 08:49 PM UTC
Tankograd Publishing have e-mailed us their latest list of releases. Now, they are always interesting, but whether or not it's just my personal prejudice, but this month it seems even more interesting than usual. A significant part of this announcement, is the news that they are release some of their earlier and (highly-useful) titles.
Two categories of releases this month. The COMPLETELY New publications and THREE Reprints in their superb 'Technical Manuals' Series.

Now, i've always considered Tankograd an incredibly-useful source for modelers, this month though, it seems even more so with coverage on a huge amount of vehicles available in model form.

Tankograd Publishing - NEW Releases

Nr. 9017 - Task Force HELMAND

Since 2006 British Forces have operated in southern Afghanistan under ISAF. Their mission in the Helmand Province is to assist the Afghan government in creating a safe and secure environment, consult in the creation and training of the Afghan security forces and to further the reconstruction of the country.
For the first time this publication shows the full range of vehicles fielded by Task Force Helmand in 2011 including many, that were only recently specially procured for the Afghanistan deployment. Apart from protected patrol vehicles, armoured reconnaissance vehicles and armoured infantry fighting vehicles, the numerous pictures and detailed texts also present logistic vehicles, engineer equipment, artillery systems and helicopters.

Nr. 7023 - Yugoslav Armies: Armour of the Yugoslav/Serbian Armies from 1945 to Today

Few armies field an armoured corps with such a turbulent history and such an unusual motorpool as the Yugoslav Armies since World War 2. While the early years were dominated by captured Wehrmacht vehicles and supplies from the Allies, the 1950s saw major influence by the American side. In the 1960s a change of policy saw the introduction of Soviet and Warsaw Pact vehicle material, before in the 1970s domestic production mostly took over. While many other books focus on the Civil War on the Balkans in the 1990s, this publication shows for the first time the variety of Yugoslav and Serbian Armour covering more than sixty years of history and with many hitherto unpublished photos.

Nr. 5032 - M113 in the Modern German Army – Part 1

This documentation (requiring four parts due to huge amount of variants) describes and illustrates in detail the use of the M 113 MTW and its variants by the Bundeswehr from 1962 to the present. In part 1:

M113 Development
M 113 American Predecessors
M113s and Variants in Service with the German Bundeswehr
M 113 Technology
"Germanisation" - The M 113 G
M 113 A1 (M 113 A1 G/M 113 A2 G)
NDV Service Life Extension Programmes

Nr. 5033 - M113 in the Modern German Army – Part 2

This documentation (requiring four parts due to huge amount of variants) describes and illustrates in detail the use of the M 113 MTW and its variants by the Bundeswehr from 1962 to the present. In part 2:

M 113 Command and Communication Vehicle
M 577 Command Post Vehicle
M 113 Forward Air Controller Vehicle
M 113 Armoured Radio Teletype Communication Vehicle
M 113 Armoured Remote Radio Access Unit Vehicle
M 113 Armoured Ambulance
M 113 Driver Training Vehicle

Nr. 4017 - Einheits Diesel Truck

With the transition from the Reichswehr to the Wehrmacht intentions grew to create a standardised truck design for the army. The result was the ‘Light, Off-road-capable Standardised Truck 6x6 Type HWA 526 D', or short ‘Einheits-Diesel' that was built by almost all German truck manufacturers based on one unified design. In the early war years its robustness, reliability and superior off-road-capabilities made it a legend. This publication shows the development history, background of purchase as well as the numerous variants of the Einheits-Diesel in many hitherto unpublished photographs.

Nr. 4-2011 - MILITÄRFAHRZEUG 4-2011

80 page Jubilee Edition: 10 Years of Militärfahrzeug Magazine!

- WWI Bräuersches Lastenverteilergerät
- Panzerkompanie on the Training Ground
- Wehrmacht Bunkerflak
- Bundeswehr Task Force Mazar-e-Sharif
- Combat Engineer Tractor FV180 CET
- NVA T 72 with OEM
- Kampfpanzer Leopard 2A6 in the GÜZ
- Big Foot MP
- Accident with Atomic Annie
- Ilmatorjuntapanssarivaunu 90 (ItPsv 90)
- 15 cm Kanone 16 Gun
- US Army M48 Chaparral
- Chinese Dongfeng EQ2050
- Wehrdienst bei den Panzerjägern
- BARV Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicles

Now, the REPRINTS. These are some of the titles published which provided an invaluable summary (as the originals ran to hundreds of pages) of specific vehicles. Particularly useful as they show items such as stowage diagrams and internal details.

Tankograd Publishing - Reprinted Workshop Manuals

Nr. 6001 - (Reprint) U.S. WW II M4, M4A1 Sherman

Nr. 6002 - (Reprint) U.S. WW II M4, M5, M6 High Speed Tractors

Nr. 6003 - (Reprint) U.S. WW II DUKW-353

Our thanks to Tankograd Publishing for the Updates!
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The Einheitsdiesel looks like it could be quite valuable.
SEP 08, 2011 - 05:34 AM
Images NOW added to the News Story. Apologies for the loss of service...
SEP 09, 2011 - 07:09 AM
We broke our quick reply box. Working on it. Until fixed go to topic to reply.

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