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I am afraid I cannot tell you much about the background of French manufacturer DES Kit, but what I can tell you is that they have a fantastic range of vehicles, figures and diorama accessories in various scales. Most significantly, however, DES Kit addresses the shortage of WWI and WWII French subjects.
Rest Models have just announced their latest 1/35 scale figure release, as well an exciting forthcoming addition to their catalogue... 1/48 scale figures!
Only one offering from Korean outfit Seil Model this month, and not even a military subject at that. But one cannot help admit, it is beautiful sculpt, and one that is guaranteed to score any modeller points with his lady!
US firm Formations continue to expand their impressive range of equally impressive Sherman upgrade, conversion and detailing sets.
I must say, initially I was disappointed to see that there was only one new release from Voyager this month, however, when I saw the size of this PE set, I knew why...
It's been a few months since the last fantastic Kancali release, and it has been worth the wait. Kancali continue to amaze with their range of diorama accessories!
Normally I do not like writing a news article without conclusive evidence, and preferably some reference to the kit on the manufacturer's website. Acting on a "tip off" from a very reliable source I set off in search of the mystical new Trumpeter range of kits. The only reference I had to work off was a suprising short thread on Missing-lynx. Eventually I found pictures of the elusive new 1/48 "Project Sherman" in my very own backyard.
1/72 scale specialists ACE Model have just announced the latest addition to their stable...
Armorscale have sent us info about their new releases and products to be released soon.
It's been a while since we have had any news from Italian figure manufacturer Romeo Models. Here are their most recent new releases.
I was so impressed by the detailing on the new accessories releases from Russian manufacturer Tank, that I felt the accessories needed their own seperate news story to get the attention they deserve.
Russian manufacturer Tank never ceases to amaze and please with their high quality non toxic polymeric resin 1/35 scale figures. Until now, their figure range has focused on German and Soviet WWII subjects. Tanks latest exciting releases include several modern Russian troops from the Chechnyan crisis.
It's been a while since we heard from Czech manufacturer Calibre 35... Or is that Calibre 48? Or perhaps even Calibre 72?
As you may have guessed, Calibre 35 has extended their range of products to 1/48 and 1/72, titled Calibre 48 and Calibre 72 respectively.
No matter how much PE you throw in the box, there will always be someone to release an additional PE set. In this case the former being DML, and the latter once again Polish company Part.
We're about to get started with an online figure painting tutorial over at TimeLines.

The tutorial will be run by Jaume Ortiz and Pete Herrera.

Concord Publications have just released their latest editions in the Armor At War and ASSAULT: Journal of Armored & Heliborne Warfare Series.
Hot off the presses, Pegaso Models has announced its new releases for July 2005. Although not high in quantity this month, these releases are, as always, high in quality!
Many of you may remember the news article about newcomers Trifon Miniatures from the Introduction to the Argentine company I did last month. As a follow up to June 2005's article (and I realise this may appear to be a repeat of the introduction), we are now proud to bring you the first official Trifon Miniatures releases.
Athens Miniatures , Greece's leading high quality figures company , extend their range of 65mm miniatures by 3 more products.
Pretty Interesting historical figures, as a Cozak, a Byzantine Infantry , and a Halberdier.
It has been two months since the last fantastic set of new releases from Spanish company MIG Productions. Once again MIG has succeeded in producing some very interesting releases, and once again they need to be summed up in two seperate news reports. This time, however, not between armour and figures... but rather naval (Warships) and everything else!
Last month I had the pleasure of introducing the Armorama community to the fantastic figure works of Seil Model and Armorama member Tomas Castano (aka Tomascastano). I once again have the pleasure of announcing the latest release from this winning team!

July 2005 sees the release of the much awaited Tamiya Leclerc...
Tamiya has but 2 figure releases for July 2005, both, I am sure, welcome additions to the relevant series.
Czech-Republic based PlusModel, most noticably known for their series of Mercedes G4's, have just announced their latest batch of diorama and accessory releases.
ACE Model recently announced yet another 1/72 release...
Once again, Archer Fine Transfers have produced a long list of new releases in both 1/35th and a cross-scale range of transfers...

Many figurists have heard the name PiLiPiLi, and seen the figures displayed at various shows and expo's globally. Here's a brief introduction to the Belgian company, their range and a few of their recent releases.
Somewhat overshadowed by the recent plethora of 3-in-1 kits, Dragon has announce the release of a new updated and perfected Henschel Jagdtiger that will be "a leader amongst kits".
DML has released just the one new figure set for July 2005. Unsurprisingly it is a set of Wehrmacht figures.
Armorscale - new company from Poland, dynamically expand their range of products.
It has been a while since we heard anything from Allied model specialists Resicast. Resicast have been hard at work producing 3 more conversion sets for Tamiya's Universal Carrier (including the 2 pre-release announcements by Jim Rae in October 2004), as well as an exciting new series, with the intention of lifting the burden on modellers' wallets.
Spanish figure manufacturer Elite Miniatures is not a company that has a high release rate of figures. Perhaps it is for that very reason that their high-quality, well detailed figures are so sought after in the figurist community.
About six years ago ROYAL MODEL was established, with production limited to only basic 1/35 scale products and diorama accessories. Since then ROYAL MODEL has grown, expanding their range with new products such as the resin accessories and photogravure to super detail 1/35 and 120mm tanks, arms, equipment and figurines. Most recently they have added AM products for super detailing 1/72 kits!
About six years ago ROYAL MODEL was established, with production limited to only basic 1/35 scale products and diorama accessories. Since then ROYAL MODEL has grown, expanding their range with new products such as the resin accessories and photogravure to super detail 1/35 and 120mm tanks, arms, equipment and figurines.
Accurate Armour have just confirmed these new figure releases:

These are Modern British figures suitable for 'B' vehicles, and casual British WWII eating/drinking figures. Also new is a British WWII Stretcher set.
Accurate Armour have just confirmed these new armour releases. It really is a very nice mixed bag of goodies. What is interesting is that they have released wheel sets for the Marquette Archer - the Archer kit that is allegedly an Accurate Armour knock-off...
Ares Mythologic, producers of limited edition miniatures, produce a marvelous range of Ancient World figure subjects. Through this medium they succeed in bringing colour and form to the history of the Ancient World.
With thanks to the folks at planetFigure, I have the pleasure to introduce the Armorama.com community to Seil Model. Seil Model has recently entered the white metal figure market, with a very promising range of historical figures.

Keep an eye out for the great sculpts by Armorama.com member Tomas Castano
Minie' Ball Miniatures, a new line of Civil War kits is cast in 54-mm scale resin with many sculpted by world renowned figure sculptor, Alan Ball. These resin castings are done very well, with minimal cleanup required. The line has been introduced with 4 figures, Civil War personailty potrait heads (ideal for figure conversions!), and three types of US cavalry carbines (Civil War era). There's even a set of flying quail birds!
There has been a lot of praise and criticism (in equal measure) heaped upon Dragon Models Limited for their release policy. It has seemed, from where I have been sitting, that I was unable to publish a news story on their recent releases without a flurry of comments. The majority constructive, but some going a little further... With the release of this new set, Allied, and in particular U.S. Army Modellers, should find this new release absolutely invaluable...
A few months ago, I discovered this (relatively) new Brazilian Company. I was very impressed with their small, but ery interesting range of 1/35th scale truck kits and conversions. Now Panzer Resin Models have announced their latest release....
Perfect Scale were until now known only from one 1/35 product - excellent engine set for Tamiya Leopard 2 model (link to review). Now they introduced another product in this scale, and it is a full kit this time.
Dragon Models Limited have finally given the release date AND details othe features in both kits.

The release date is given (officially) as July 2005...
I found the following Andrea Miniatures July 2005 new releases on the Squadron website. While not necessarily the most exciting of releases, they do make for something different.
ANT Miniatures, first introduced to the Armorama.com community during November 2004 (Click here for the news story), have quietly and consistently been releasing new historical and contemporary miniatures at a rate comparable to some of the better miniature companies in Western Europe and North America.
Simply not enough work is done (on my part) to cover what is coming out in 1/72nd scale, to retify this and to 'mollify' the many braille-scalers out there, I have decided to do a 'Compilation' story looking at the recent releases from various manufacturers...
Good as they are, DML's SdKfz 251 series, in several areas, do need a touch of improvement. In some areas of the kit the (inevitable) thickness of the plastic really cries out for improvement. These new releases from the Polish company Part, should be of interest to anyone who takes their 251s seriously...
It's been a long time in the catalogues and the news forums, but now it appars there is some movement... Trumpeter has now let us see inside the box....
In this, the second of the reports on the 'renaissance' of Takahashi Modelling, attention turns to their plans for 1/35th scale figures....
There are many notable figure sculptures out there and of course many superb figures. In recent years, one of the most impressive range of figures have come from the Japanese company, Takahashi Modelling, not particularly for their subject matter, more for the quality of the sculpting. Now they're back. With a vengeance!!
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