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  • 6528-1
Another new set from Dragon Models - this time considerably bigger than the usual...
  • 6465-1
For those who dislike adding Zimmerit, Dragon Models have just announced their latest in their 'Zimm-Ready' range.
  • 6491-1
Dragon Models Limited have just announced another 1/35th scale figure set.
  • l_DRA6393
Dragon Models have just announced their latest 'Smart Kit'
  • 001284
Something from Dragon to please both Axis and Allied Modelers- a Sherman in German service.
  • 6379-1
A surprising though VERY welcome announcement from Dragon Models.
  • 001277

Dragon have announced a 1/35 scale kit of the 75 mm M4 Sherman.

  • l_DRA7364WN
Ask anyone who works in 1/72nd scale and one of their (justifiable) frustrations is the lack of suitable, injection-moulded figures in this scale. Here's some GOOD news...
  • l_DRA6530
Dragon have announced a German Self-Propelled-Gun Crew in 1/35th scale.
  • 6445-1
Another 1/35th scale reworking from Dragon Models in their 'Premium Edition' series
  • 6470-poster
Yet ANOTHER 1/35th scale release from Dragon Models Limited.
  • 6384-1
Dragon Models have just published their poster for their New Panther G - with Zimmerit.
  • 6351-1
Dragon Models have just published the first images of their latest JagdTiger.
  • l_DRA6477
Dragon Models have just announced their latest 1/35th scale figure set.
  • up21
After-market accessories have tended to be items produced by smaller, specialized companies. Now however, Dragon Models (through their Cyber-Hobby subsidiary) have joined other manufacturers in launching their own range.
  • 6383-11
Another expansion of a story we ran the other day on DML's future releases.
  • 6467-11
When Dragon announced a series of new releases yesterday, the poster for this particular model was in a form that made it difficult to reproduce the images. Now, with a higher resolution poster being published it's a lot easier..
  • 6467-1
Unusually, we're now getting some indicators from Dragon Models as to their future direction....
  • 6490-poster-m
The latest from Dragon Models in 1/35th scale.
  • 6447-1
The battle of the Shermans continues with Dragon Models unveiling the poster for their M4a1.
  • l_DRA6478
Just announced on the DragonUSA website is a new, four-figure set from DML
  • 6425-1
Dragon Models have just announced their latest variant on the 250.
  • 6457-poster
Announced by Dragon Models back in June, this new set seems to be getting nearer release...
  • 00001_2
Dragon are to release the latest in their long line of T-34 kits, a Smart kit of the T-34/76 Mod.1942 with the Hexagonal Turret.

  • 002102
Dragon have published the poster for their M16 Halftrack.

  • 17120
New from Dragon is a Panzer IV Ausf.E Tauchpanzer.
  • l_DRA6380
Dragon USA have announced a very welcome release in the form of a set of Commonwealth Infantry Italy 1943.
  • 001148
Dragon have announce the release of a Panther-F with steel wheels in Smart kit form.
  • 00674
Dragon have announced another German figure set.
  • 11020
Dragon have announced a 1/35 scale kit of the Sd.Kfz.138/1 Geschützwagen 38 M für s.IG.33/2.

  • 6325-1
'Premium Editions' kits are DML's equivalent of a 'Service Life Extension Program' when they take a previous release and update it by adding Photo-Etch or reworking some of the elements. Here's their latest one.
  • 6457
Dragon Models Ltd. have just sent us images of the box-art of a VERY unusual figure set...
  • l_DRA6464
Funnily enough, with the announcement from DML the other day, I was half-expecting a Marder II....
  • l_DRA6479
Via their DragonUSA website, DML have announced another T34/76 variant.
  • 6432-1
Dragon Models Limited have just made another AFV announcement.
  • 6460-11
Dragon Models Limited have just published the details and images of their new Brummbär model.
  • 6378-1
A very unusual release has been announced thru DragonUSA.
  • 6391-poster
The 47th Shizuoka Show in Japan opened this morning. Three announcement were made by Dragon Models which will surprise many...
  • l_DRA6374-1
In a follow-up to Pat's earlier story, here's an update with images of the new set.
  • l_DRA6444wn
Premium Edition kits are older models from DML's catalogue which are given a complete update. Here's the latest from DML, in the form of a 1/35th scale Pak 38 with Crew.
  • 6462-1
Dragon Models have just published the first image of their latest M4a2,
  • l_DRA6376
the other day, I reported briefly on DML's new Soviet Infantry set. Now, bringing the story up to date, here are the images of the set itself....
  • l_DRA6374
Dragon are to release a Gen2 set containing two Panzerschreck Teams.
  • 7360-WN
Dragon Models continue to expand their 1/72nd scale range - this time, with a new LCM.
  • l_DRA6376
Previously, the majority of Dragon Models figure releases (in their excellent GEN II range) have been German. Now, via DragonUSA, comes news of a slightly different direction.
  • l_DRA3540_MFU9
Reprinted from a News Item on Aeroscale by GINO P. QUINTILIANI (HeavyArty):

It looks as though Dragon has given the same "upgraded" treatment to Panda's 1/35 UH-1N as they did to their 1/35 UH-1D/H model.
  • 6466
Two new releases from Dragon Models have been announced.
  • Olympics-camera-team-Test2
The trend amongst several manufacturers at the moment, is to produce 'vignettes-in-a-box'. This is particularly notable from companies such as Masterbox or, the recently announced set from ICM. Now, for the first time, Dragon Models Ltd. have announced a similar iniative.
  • M4A2a
DML have announced the release of 6231 British Sherman Mk.III Mid Production Sicily
  • 6454-1
Dragon Models have just sent us images of their latest Stug in 1/35th scale.